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Home building,A guide to build your home

When armed with the right information, home building can be the most rewarding project you have ever decided to take on. I have built three homes,and I will share with you the knowledge,experiences an

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Windows and Doors

If you are looking for windows and doors a few facts and tips will point you in the right direction.What to look for, where,styles and construction are a few of the topics covered.

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Vinyl Windows and installation method

Vinyl windows in my opinion are the best things sense sliced bread. The ease of installation ,very little maintenance plus their high efficiency rating all add up to a number one product.

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Roof Truss Construction

When looking at truss construction for your home , some of the factors to be considered are span, pitch and style of roof. This in turn will determine the style of truss to be used.

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Roof Layout and Marking Rafters

When doing a roof layout marking and cutting rafters is part of the process .Here is a method that is both simple and accurate.

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Roof Framing Methods

A look at styles, methods and types of roof framing that is best suited for you and your home.

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The house first floor is the next step after building the foundation.

After building a house foundation the next step is to add the house first floor to the foundation.This house building project is using 2x10 to build the floor system.

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Home Builder and First Floor Construction

A home builder looks at the two basic types of first floor construction and the types and method of construction, for each.

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Building Lot Clearing

Building lot is cleared of trees and stumps with a excavitor. The excavator is used to dig the foundation.

Continue reading "Building Lot Clearing"

Building A House and Exterior Sheathing

Building a House? Here you will find a few things you should know about exterior sheathing. Types and method of installation are a few things covered.

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