Building The House First Floor

The house first floor will be the next step of this building project.

The foundation has been water proofed, drains have been put in and the next step would be to back fill the foundation.

Before the foundation is back filled they have decided to put the house first floor on. This will add stability to the foundation walls in the event undue pressure is applied to the foundation wall while back filling.

A picture of a pony wall.

The foundation wall on the front of the house is a full eight foot wall and the side walls step down to a four foot wall on the back of the house.

Wood walls (2x6) are built to bring the level of all walls to match the height of the front wall. These short walls are referred to as pony walls.

A picture of 2x10 floor joist.

In this house construction project, the floor is built using 2x10 floor joist.

Fore this reason carrying partitions were built to support the floor joist.

These carrying partitions are built of 2x6.

A picture showing a pony wall and a rim joist.

A 2x6 sill plate was bolted to the top of the foundation wall and then a 2x10 rim joist was placed around the perimeter of the foundation wall and fastened to the sill plate.

A picture showing 2x10 floor joist nailed through thr rim joist.

The 2x10 floor joist were spaced 16 in.on center and fastened through the 2x10 rim joist and to the sill plate.The other end of the floor joist was spaced and fastened to the plate of the carrying partition.

A picture of 3/4 t&g osb board on a first floor.

A picture of 3/4 in. osb board being laid.

Three quarter (3/4)T&G OSB board was glued and screwed to the floor joist.

A picture of a excavator digging a water line

While the floor was being put on a excavator arrived at the site to dig the trench for the sewer and foundation drain. they also laid the pipes for a future water well, to be drilled later.

A picture showing the compaction of a garage floor

The excavator was also used to place materials for the compaction of the garage floor. The next day with the floor in place,and a inspection by the municipal building inspector, back filling was completed and the lot graded to insure surface water would drain away from the foundation.

As the back filling and grading was being done, outside walls were being built and raised in place.

Now the house is starting to take shape.

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