A New House Construction Project

This is a new house construction project that is taking place in a subdivision setting.

We will follow this project with photos and description of what is happening, as the project moves forward.

The plans for this house were picked first so a suitable building lot was chosen to suite the house design. Sense this is a new subdivision there was no problem in getting the right lot.

A new house design

The building site was a well treed lot so the lot had to be cleared and grubbed off before excavation could begin.

Before equipment could enter the site a driveway had to be put in.

A treed building lot

The culvert was ordered and delivered and then a trip to the rock quarry for rocks, to build up the ends of the culvert.

A rock quarry

Two loads were required to complete the job.

Gravel for driveway culvert

Gravel was ordered to complete the job.


Now equipment can enter the site to
begin the proses of clearing the lot.

A man cutting down a tree

Trees were cut and brush was burned . Logs were moved to the back of the lot, where they would be out of the way. The logs were piled to be used for fire wood at a later date.

A tree being cut down

A tree being cut up for fire wood.

When the lot was cleared of trees, the house location was marked at each corner with stakes driven in the ground.In the event these stakes were moved during the grubbing of the lot,four more stakes were driven well back out of the way. Two in a straight line with the back corners and two with the front corners. The distance from the corner stakes was noted and marked on the back up stakes.This would make it easy to reestablish the corner if the stakes got moved during the grubbing of the lot.

Brush being burned.


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