Prepairing The Building Lot For A Foundation

After the building lot was cleared of the unwanted trees, in came the heavy equipment. A excavator was used to pull out the tree stumps and grub of the topsoil.The tree stumps were piled where they could easily be loaded on a truck and hauled away. The topsoil was piled in one corner of the lot where it could be used at a later time.

With it's long reaching arm, the excavator was able to reach a large area of the lot without moving the machine to many times.

A excavator used to grub of a building lot

The reaching ability of the excavator and the fact that it is able to rotate 360 deg.,makes it ideal for this type of work. A excatator used to pull tree stumps and grub a building lot

Prepairing a building lot for a foundation with the aid of a excavator

When the lot was grubbed of, it was time to dig the hole for the foundation.

Digging The Hole For The Foundation

After rechecking the corner stakes, the excavator began digging the hole for the foundation.

Digging a basement with a excavator

The hole was excavated four feet larger on all sides to allow for working room when putting in the foundation.

digging a basement and using a lazer level to maintain grade

The depth of the hole was maintained with the aide of a lazier level.This insured a level bottom or floor of the hole.

This house is to have a full basement with a walk out on the back side of the house.

The foundation on the back of the house will be four feet with a four foot pony wall.

The front side will have a full eight foot foundation wall.

This will require some fill to be added on the front side. There seems to be enough excavated from the foundation, that can be used for this.

The next step of this project will be up to the foundation contractor to do his job.


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