The Foundation Contractor

The foundation contractor has arrived on the site to put in the footings and pour the foundation walls.

Up to this point,all the work was in preparation for this eventful day.This is where the house first starts to take shape.

The footings will carry the weight of the house and distribute that load to the ground below them.

For this reason it is important that the footings are of the proper size and are resting on undisturbed and solid ground.

Footings for a new house A picture of footings being built for a new home A foundation contractor at work The contractor wanted to build,and pour the footing forms the same day. Due to the fact that a inspection had to be completed before the concrete could be poured, he had to wait.

The footings were poured two days later and the next day the forms were removed.

With the footings poured and the forms removed, the erection of the foundation forms was the next step.

Setting Up The Foundation Forms

They started by nailing a 2x4 shoe to the footing. This will hold the bottom of the outside form wall in place.

All corners on the outside wall were erected next and then the form panels were fitted between the corners.

Setting up foundation forms for a new home Setting up foundation forms for a new house House foundation forms

When the outside walls of the forms were in place,rebar and form ties were installed.

After all the necessary work to the interior part of the forms was completed,then the interior walls of the forms were erected.

The interior walls of the forms are held in place by the form ties.

Putting up the forms and getting them ready for concrete,took three days.

Due to other commitments by the contractor, the pouring of the concrete was delayed another two days.

Filling The Forms With Concrete

The pouring of the forms with concrete seemed to go quite smoothly.There was lots of help on hand and everyone knew their job.

A concrete pumper used for placing concrete in the forms

Pouring concrete for a foundation

Men pouring a concrete foundation

The foundation walls required thirty eight yards of concrete to complete the job.

A concrete foundation after the forms are of

Forty eight hours later the forms have been taken of and the foundation is ready for the next step.


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