Roof framing
Styles Types and Methods

Roof framing is in no way a one person job. This is one part of your house building project where you are going to require help.

When it comes to framing the roof there are two basic ways you can go. You can cut each rafters from 2" thick lumber and erect them one at a time, this is called “hand framing” or you can use today's more excepted method , prefabricated

roof trusses.

On our first two houses we hand framed the roofs. But on our last house we decided on the prefabricated trusses.

This made the task faster and a lot less work. A lot less work because I hired a contractor to set them in place. I had not installed truss rafters before so I felt I would leave this task to someone who had.

If you decide to frame your roof by using the first method mentioned, you will have to frame and erect you inside partitions first. Then ceiling joist will be installed so the end of the rafters can be tied together to prevent them from pushing the outside wall outward from the weight of the roof.

This type of roof construction is a tried and prove method but is not suited for the fast pace of to-days home construction.But for the person who wants the pride of building his/her own home...this may be the way to go.

This illustration shows how this is accomplished.

Truss rafters spaning large area

The picture above shows truss rafters that have been put in place on a new home .

The ability to span a long distance without mid support is probably the biggest advantage of truss rafters. The smaller size of materials used and the fact that the bottom part of the truss forms the ceiling support, are but two more advantages.

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