Steps to Building A Home
First Things First

The steps required in building a home are almost always the same.
If you have ever watched a house being constructed the following steps are the stages the building process goes through.

Here is a list of the steps in order: Clearing lot
First Floor
Ext. wall framing
Ext. sheathing
Interior wall framing
Roof sheathing
Roof shingles
Vapour barrier(if not put on when walls where put up)

Windows and ext. Doors
Outside finish (siding etc.)
Electrical(rough in)
Plumbing (rough in)
HVAC (rough in)
Underlay(if not on a slab)
Finish electrical
Finish plumbing
Finish HVAC
Kitchen and Bathrooms cabinetry
Inside Finish
Hook up to water and sewer
Walks, steps, decks etc.

A building site..early spring snow This is generally the order to follow. You can juggle outside and inside work if the weather does not cooperate.

If you are using subcontractors for any of the work, sometimes more than one step at a time can be completed such as rough plumbing and electrical.

I hope this will give you a better understanding of the steps involved in the house building process.

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