Lot Clearing! Which Trees Do I Keep?

When it comes to lot clearing there are a number of things to consider. The most important being the location of the house and where the driveway will be located. This will determine which trees you want to keep and the ones you will have to cut down.

If the lot you purchased is free of trees...then house and driveway location will be your major decisions.


A septic system,if required, has to be installed in an area away from tree roots. This is a must. A drilled well will have to be located 50ft.. or more..from the septic system. This distance will be determined by your local codes.

Sometimes those beautiful trees that we would like to keep.. have to come down.

A man cutting down a tree on a building lot

After you have finished with your brush clearing and tree cutting... it is time for the heavy equipment.. to grub off the lot and dig the stumps out. A backhoe works well for this.. or a small excavator.

A excavator clearing a lot

If you have a large treed lot, the brush from the trees seems to pile up fast and it is always a problem to know what to do with it.You really only have three options....burn it...chip it or haul it away to a landfill site.

Burning it is probably the less expensive option but this may not always be possible is some locations. It is always advisable to check with your local authority's to see if burning is allowed and if permits are required.

Any larger logs can be piled out of the way and saved for firewood.These can be sold if burning wood is not part of your plans.

Large stumps will more than likely have to be hauled away.

When you are satisfied with the job you have just completed..and your brow has been wiped free of sweat.. then you're ready for the next step.

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