Price Photo Story Update Oct 19 2011
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To Date

To Date

WELL! It's been a few months since we have posted but not a lot has been happening with the new house. We had to go on a bit of a hiatus so that we could wait for the house we were living in to sell. Well, here it is, end of October and it finally did. What a relief! So we are now collecting quotes and getting everything in order. One of the hold ups has been dealing with Nova Scotia Power. We need to get a bunch of papers signed so that NS Power can move a support wire 5 feet. It's not cheap to do, nor easy and has to go through two lawyers! Once that is all squared away we can then go ahead with getting the power installed. We need to get the septic and the well in before the ground freezes as well. Then we will progress on the house through the winter. We will post some pictures and progress updates once we get underway again. Glad to be able to post here again!

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