Price Photo Story Update Feb 29 2012
(page #5)

by Lori
(Nova Scotia )

Who would have thought building a house would take over a year? What a process! We are still under construction, despite the fact that we have plodded through the winter. Luckily, this season has been good to us and we have only had to plow the long driveway twice! Currently, we are just finishing crack-filling and the primer coat is next. We went and got some paint today as well, which will be next. Flooring comes after that and at some point soon the kitchen will be going in. We are excited to see the siding go on. It can't be done in the cold cold weather though, seeing as how it can crack and snap in cold temperatures. We were quite impressed with just how quickly our electrician got all the wiring done. What a process that was! As well as the plumbing.

I will try to post more info and pictures are we continue through the next few stages. Surprisingly, the house construction seems to occupy most of our down time, but as we progress I am finding these "finishing stages" make it seem much more real and in no time we will be in the house. It really has taken on a character of its own as the house comes off the paper and the blueprints and truly comes to life!

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