Here Is How You Install Pr-Hung Doors

A picture of a vinyl window and a steel door

The first thing is to make sure that pr-hung doors fit the openings, if not you may have to make some adjustment to the openings. Next make sure the house wrap is stapled in place around the rough framing as you did with the vinyl windows.

Before the pr-hung doors are set in place ,three (3) beads of a good quality exterior caulking are placed on the floor where the threshold will rest. This is to seal the threshold to the floor. Another bead around the edge of the opening will seal the sides.

Now put the unit in place by placing the threshold into the caulking first and then pushing the sides and top tight into the wall. With someone on the inside check whether the unit is centered in the opening,if not make the necessary adjustment.

Outside view of a pr-hung door

From the inside make sure the door is centered in the rough opening. With a level check the hinge side of the frame and make it plumb. At each hinge, shim the gap between the rough framing and the door framing. This will ensure that the frame stays plum when fastened in place.

Inside view of a pr-hung door

The next step will require opening the door, this is where a second pair of hands will be helpful In the center hing place a long screw through the door frame and into the rough framing. The manufacture normally leaves one screw out of the hinge for this purpose. If this is not the case, remove one of the hinge screws and replace it with a screw long enough to go though the door frame and into the rough framing.( These screws are usually supplied with the pr-hung doors)

After the center screw is in place, check and make sure that the hinge side frame is still plumb. When you are satisfied that it is plumb,put the remaining hing screws in place. This will secure the hing side frame.

With the door closed check the gap between the door and the door frame,this gap should be equal around the door. If this gap is not fairly equal , adjustment to the door frame will be necessary.

Shim the lock side of the door where the long screws will go and put the screws in place.

Once again check and see if the door is showing a equal gap across the top and down the lock side before moving on to the next step.

At this point you can remove any device that is holding the door closed and make sure the door is moving freely.

The next step is to install the lock set and this is done by following the instructions that come with the set.

The only thing I will mention here is, when you install the lock set make sure the tumblers are up. When the key goes in the lock the jagged or cut part of the key, should be facing up. This will prevent water from getting into the tumblers and causing problems.

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