You can Save Money
On New Home Plans

New home plans are always on my mind when ever I pass a magazine rack..

While making a delivery to a store,...a number of years ago... as I walked by the magazine stand..... a picture on the front cover of one of those..... “ new home plans magazines”.. caught my eye.

It was a picture of a two story farm house,... ...and there it was,..that perfect home...the floor plan was perfect...well almost.. a few things would have to be changed.

Over the years I would get the magazine out and make changes to the plan .I probably changed the floor plan a dozen much for a perfect floor plan.

To make a long story short...I did not built that house...why?..because the house did not suite the building lot..but it was the seed of what my present house grew from.

When your looking for new home plans,.. sometimes it is hard to find one that meets all of your expectations.

But often by moving a wall here.. or adding one there... you can make it work.

Most companies that sell new home plans, offer a design change service, they will make changes to there plans for a fee,..that will meet your needs.

There is another alternative...draw out the plan you would like.. on a piece of paper.. or take one from a magazine...and look for a drafts person,..some one who draws blue prints ,..he/she can take your rough plan and make it a reality, you may find this to be a cheaper way to go.

A rough drawing of a new home plan That is exactly what I did...The building center that I bought my building materials from had a draftsman on staff...and they took my rough sketches and my ideas and drew my new house plans from saved me hundreds of dollars. They in return got 80% of my business.

There is still another option, if you are good with computer drawing programs, then get yourself a home design program and draw your new home plans yourself.

If you decide to take this route it might be advisable to talk to your building inspection office to see what they expect to see on your blue prints for detail. It would be a shame to do all that work.. and then find out they wouldn't except it.

Of may wish to put out the money for a set of stock plans. These plans will cost between 500.00 and 1000.00...and in some cases more.

There are thousands of new house plans on the internet so do some searching.. I am sure you will find what you are looking for.

Remember if you already have your lot...before you decide on a plan... make sure the plan suites your lot.

Things that should be considered are.. where your main living area is located... or where the kitchen is located... is it in the front... or is it in the back of the house... where are the bedrooms in relation to the rest of the house.

On those cold winter days, is the sun streaming through your windows and warming your feet while you enjoy that morning cup of coffee.

Or on that summer evening when the sun is setting can you enjoy that view from the comfort of your favorite room or deck.

These are just a few things you might want to consider when looking for your new home plans.

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